Darren at 13 Jul 2018 from Ireland

Hi Paula

Really had a great time the golf courses were very good and great value we were very happy
I have being coming every year for the past seven and it was the best yet
I will be in contact again next year when we return
Thanks once again


Thans Darren

E.Van Zon at 17 Jul 2017 from NL

Hi Paula,

We are back home and had a great time! Thank you for everything. It was very well arranged!
Hope to meet you again some day!

Thanks again.

All the best! Bye,

Thank you Esther
Hope to see you again in Portugal
Kind Regards

A.Mitchell at 17 Jul 2017 from UK

Hi Paula

Everything was great with the golf.
The courses were great and it was nice playing in lovely weather.
Thanks again.

Thank you for your feedback
Kind Regards

Neville at 20 Jun 2017 from UK

Hi Paula,

The courses this year were I think the best condition for a few years, so all was good. The only problem we had was at Vale do Lobo where they put 2 other people with us who just could not play golf. As we are all single figure handicap golfers it ruined the day and round for 2 of us.
But thank you its a pleasure as usual to book with you.


Thank you for your feedback

Will pass this information to the golf course .

Kind Regards

Bruno V. at 12 Jun 2017 from Netherlands

Dear Paula,

We enjoyed our trip enormously.
You have done a very good job: Everything was perfectly organized!!

The hotel was fine, the organization at the golf courses was perfect, and the thing that struck us most: The transfers.

The drivers were always on time, they were extremely friendly and most important: They were relaxed on the timing. I mean, they did not rush us when we were having a beer after the game, etc.

And I think it was very sympathetic of you to give me a call after the first day.
I returned your call but only after working hours so no connection. I only wanted to let you know that everything was perfect.

Next time we come to Portugal, and I’m sure there will be a next time, we will certainly get back to you!!

Thanks for everything,

Kind regards,

Thank you for your feedback
Ww are glad you have our country
Hope to see you in Portugal again

Kind Regards

W.Hafner at 29 May 2017 from DE

Everything was perfect !!
Many greetings

Thank you Walter.
Hope to see you again in Portugal
Kind Regards

Adrian M. at 26 May 2017 from UK


Overall I have to say that we were really happy with the trip and the work you & your team put into it.

The transfers were great and went without a hitch on everyday, even dealing with our changes on the fly and working around our plans

The hotel, was okay if a little basic and in some rooms the decor was poor. We could cope with that but I could see some groups being a bit more upset by it and the staff were friendly and again helped us with little things like pool access on the final afternoon after we had checked out. One very small note (and again not an issue for us) but the “twin rooms” were in effect doubles as the beds, whilst single beds the beds were not able to be moved so were in effect double beds. We were fine with this but I know of friends and other people who come on these tours with my group who would have had an issue with these arrangements...

On the golf front the courses were all good, two of them fit into our groups top 5 courses we’ve ever played - Penha Longa being agreed by all as the the top course most of us have ever played strange when it is Otiavos Dunes that is in the top 100 (that was the other one we all really liked). We felt all 4 courses were very good the only issue that let down Belhoura was the fact that it seemed to be in a “pre-season” condition i.e. some of the greens and tees were pretty poor but not enough to detract from the overall event and games…
Thanks again for your work on this and we hope we can come back to you in future for trips, out of interest do you deal with Southern Portugal as well or just Lisbon areas?

Thank you for your feedback
Your option is always important for us .

Kind Regards

Denis F. at 18 May 2017 from UK

Hi Paula
Thank you for the email
All the arrangements you made for us for the Golf was first class, everything went very smoothly

Many thanks again

Thanks Denis for your feedback

Mathew T. at 10 May 2017 from UK


Everything was perfect , the golf was fantastic, the course were lovely, the people at the courses were helpful and the transfers was on time. The only downside was that we got 15 minutes of rain on the Friday but you can’t do anything about that.

It’s a 10 out of 10 from us .


Thank you Mat

Hope to see you in Portugal again

Archie M. at 26 Apr 2017 from Ireland

Hello Paula,
We have returned from a successful golf holiday.
All the transfer drivers were attentive and on time.
Thank you very much.
Best regards,
Archie M.

Thank you for your feedback
Kind Regards